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Suburban 360 is a 360 degree scope of the wild, wide world of influences that helped sculpt the Suburban sound from Beastie Boys to Bring Me The Horizon, from Limp Bizkit to Kendrick Lamar, from Naughty By Nature to Northlane.

Each vocal cover is recorded over the original music and each video has a different concept shot entirely in one take on a 360 camera.


Tye Winter for providing the 360 cam and trimming this together.
Craig Wilkinson for engineering and mixing this tune.
Kendrick Lamar for helping to re-shape hip hop into lyrically driven poetry.
Sam Biland, Emmy Mack, Burrup Lambert, Daniel McFeeters, Sam Goldie, Jordan Duncan and Brett Darmody for constructing the room and donning the masks.

Listen to Suburban on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/2yIYsDcsVww4lDpZgJNzWo?si=4I-JnKW0SS-PjhKnxYt6FA
@thisissuburban on Instagram, Facebook and Vero.
Suburban8 mons ago
@1000 ABONE -VIDEOSUZ- hey, this is a cover of a song by Kendrick Lamar, so he wrote the song originally. This is my version of it :)
Hey I love this song, did you write it by yourself?
Erik Ritchie8 mons ago
I really like the feeling in your song, very personality, really cool!
Your DNA is really comprehensively and literally everything included...
Maya Medhurst8 mons ago
Everyone is special, and everyone's DNA is different.
Santa Krajcik8 mons ago
OH MY GOD, this music tells everything I want to say.