Stephanie hardly ever celebrates her birthday. However, last year while sitting on the patio with Captain Gatsby and Alec they convinced Steph to have a party. This specific week was planned to be crazy with work! We had a big VR and 360 video showcase happening on Saturday which would require the whole team. Saturday was the big work night and Sunday was to be our day of earned partying. A day to celebrate with all of our friends. 
We have a large group of truly unique people who live in different cities but all love to take every chance we get to just goof off and have fun with each other. This started long before our VR endeavors and will continue long after.
The Tuesday prior to that weekend Alec was taken from us. He was a brother to many of us and an incredible friend. Soooo what does a group like us do when we've lost a true ride or die, we celebrate life! Together we celebrated our artist brother, our accomplishments for the year and of course blew some shit up!! :)

Thanks for watching! <3 
Deven DuBuque10 mons ago
A special birthday party! I believe everyone will be very moved and unforgettable to this birthday.
@Nicolette Runte they will go for it I'm sure. lol
Lazaro Leffler10 mons ago
I've never seen a birthday party this way. It's so unusual.
Tiara Labadie10 mons ago
It must be a very memorable birthday party. Happy birthday to your friend!
Nicolette Runte10 mons ago
i wanna this kind of birthday party too,i am gonna show this to my parents (wink )
Unique Rempel11 mons ago
It was the first time I saw a torch at a birthday party. It was so imaginative
@Doyle Mohr we like to have a good time 😛
Doyle Mohr11 mons ago
a birthday party???? i don't see that often !! what a wild party