Welcome to my little Man cave, my home office where I make things happen everyday for you to enjoy watching. This is a 360 degree virtual reality video so feel free to move the views and look around. This video is shot with Wunder 360 C1 camera and is best viewed with Virtual Reality goggles. 

Wunder 360 C1 is absolutely a fantastic 360 Virtual Reality Camera. When it comes to shoot immersive 360 VR Videos, quick editing and sharing instantly on your social media Wunder 360 C1 will be up for the job. It records in 360 degree VR at max 3k Resolution and offers very desired features of 5G WiFi connection, in camera real time UHD panoramic image stitching, 360 VR Life streaming and video editing on smartphone using Wunder 360 App to instantly share on social media, your little 360 VR Immersive videos and pictures. With iOS App you can even direct the views as your liking to what you want your viewers to focus on and auto track a moving subject as well. You can take 360 VR Panoramas up to 4K resolution with Wunder 360 C1 camera. As I say in this video, the new Era of 360 Virtual reality videos has come and Wunder 360 C1 Camera comes highly recommended in budget class that offers a 3K Resolution 360 VR Video Recording. Its small, and light weight and super easy to carry where ever you go. With 360 VR, you can now bring your followers a whole new world of immersive videos from your world, from your view all around you. 

You can order the camera through my kits here

Red RC Truck

6WD RC Buggy

Creality 3D CR-10 3D Printer

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The ornament on the wall of your room is the biggest bright spot.
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It's really happy to be able to do what you like