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Starstuff is a space simulator the size of a galaxy, featuring both procedural generation of star systems and exquisitely hand-crafted worlds. What's more, you wont be alone on this journey of discovery! For you see, this region of space has been known to harbor the ingredients of life!

Explore the furthest reaches of outer space, mine that asteroid next door, and discover never before seen forms of intelligent life. Exploit entire worlds to gain resources and develop technology which will help you reach ever further into the sky. 

Find the stuff of life and nurture it to create a space-faring society! Play as a benevolent god, or be a watchful observer. Help the life inhabiting your universe to progress through space before it destroys itself. 
The explosive birth of a star to the explosive death of a thousand civilizations, all on the palm of your hand. 

Starstuff can best be described as a rather very large stellar evolution simulator and role playing game. 

Change log v045:
-Added SSAO and Bloom filters for openGL Pixel Shader 3.0
-Removed SSAO and Bloom filters for openGL Pixel Shader 2.0
-Optimized several scripts
-Improved the interaction of light with in-game objects
-Removed teapot orbiting random star, again...

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