The crew of the flying saucer get into a pickle over what to eat for dinner.

The Starship Schrödinger’s Destiny is an interactive story set in virtual reality featuring the adventures of the crew of a flying saucer. It's in development. To follow progress or help out check out tentacles.org.uk/starship

The titles at the start are wrong, still says the V0.1 titles. Too late to change that now though.

It's been many months since the V0.1 release, and the characters have facial expressions and the script rudimentary emotional control. The motion-capture experiments were successful, but still far too slow. 

V0.3 has already been started and is about improving those animation techniques to enable puppetting of the characters to speed up the process. With the animation process under deep development, there's not much point polishing the character movements very much in V0.2.

Produced by Adam Priest except for

Mirabell Stuart: voice of Coral Linwood
Gerald Maliqi: voice of Yatra Jane
Suzie Houlihan: voice of Krux Katlin
Lunar Seed: Music

So many open-source and creative commons and marketplace contributors I couldn’t even keep track of them, notably those attached to Blender and Unity and Freesound.

Flatscreen versions and interactive apps available at tentacles.org.uk/starship
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