Some clips from Monday 19th 2018's protest outside Chelmsford Courthouse. A rally in support of the Stansted defendants and against deportation charter flights.

15 protesters are facing a terrorism charge that could result in life sentences, for stopping one of many secretive deportation charter flights leaving England to Ghana and Nigeria last year

"The government deports people whose legal cases are ongoing. ... Just over two months after the Stansted protest, the Supreme Court ruled unlawful the Secretary of State's power to deport people with a human rights based appeal before it has been heard – known as the ‘deport first appeal later’ provision. This Supreme Court ruling has vindicated the actions of the Stansted 15. The activists were right to question, protest, and seek to prevent the government from taking potentially unlawful action in deporting the people due to board the flight. Some of the 34 people who were not deported as a result of the protest are still in the UK and have ongoing legal cases to remain with their families, friends and communities. Following the successful protest, one man was released and able to rejoin his partner and young child." from https://mediadiversified.org/2018/03/19/deportation-is-forced-racial-exclusion-why-charges-against-the-stansted-15-must-be-dropped/

Unfortunately I didn't capture audio of the fantastic singing, but you can feel the wonderful atmosphere and the passion and support everyone who attended gave for the defendants and for the rights of those wrongfully deported. In about -2°C!!


Music is Ballade no. 2, S. 171 by  Franz Liszt
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