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Join with the forests & communities of the South

You are critical to the movement. Stand with communities of the South to protect our forests from industrial logging and clearcutting. Be a part of the solution that values our forests for more than the resources they provide.

Executive Producer: Dogwood Alliance
Producer: Better Than Unicorns
Associate Producers: Malt Maker Media, Climate Listening Project
Director: Dayna Reggero
Creative Director: Brett A McCall
Cinematographers: Dayna Reggero, Andrea Desky, Adam Colette, Channel 4, Brett A McCall
Editor and Compositor: Nate Glass
Sound Designer: Robert Gowan
Managing Producer: Brett A McCall
Advisers: Lucia Ibarra, Scot Quaranda, Adam Colette

More information at https://www.dogwoodalliance.org/
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