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‘SAVE LIVES – VOTE NO’ Life in its purity of basics is gathering people of Ireland, seven weeks before the referendum repealing The 8th Amendment after102 years since in the constitution. Hundreds of the 8th supporters from Connacht as captured Thursday 5th April 2018 in the Leisureland of Salthill in Galway. People of Ireland, everyone with own lifelong story to tell, coming to the Love Both rallies around the country to learn how to accept, embrace, support and share the principles of the “Vote NO” message around.
Blanca Walker4 mons ago
Well I am supportive, but I have no opportunity to participate in such activities.
Darius Ivan4 mons ago
@Elvie McClure thanks Elvie
Elvie McClure4 mons ago
This is a very meaningful activity and I am 100% supportive.