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видео про не простую жизу стрелка 

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Create in:
Autodesk MotionBuilder - Create motion character's
Autodesk Maya - export obj sequence(character's)for Element 3D
Autodesk 3D max - export obj sequence(character's)for Element 3D
Cinema 4D - export game Level Stalker GSC for Element 3D
Adobe After Effects + Plugins Element 3D (create video 360)
Adobe Premiere Pro - video editing
Adobe Media Encoder - Render video
oscar garcia5 mons ago
When I look at this image design, I feel like there are a lot of stories hidden inside the tracker.
Kristine Jensen5 mons ago
He reminds me of the movie. The killer is not too cold. Where is his date?
Beka Games5 mons ago
Why I always feel that his life is lonely and boring, though he is just a dummy.
Yanis Esnault5 mons ago
He has a strong body and I would like to hire him as a tracker.