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It is said that Christopher Columbus was actually looking for the Spice Islands when he discovered America instead in 1492. Over the following centuries, these far-flung islands were a battleground for European powers, all wishing to make a fortune from trade in spice, and their desire to control the only source of nutmeg and clove changed the course of world’s history. In 2018, I made my way to this tiny cluster of volcanic islands in East Indonesia, invisible on the map, to discover the Spice Islands for myself. In this VR Experience, we travel around the islands of Banda and learn about the fascinating history and culture of the Spice Islands. We meet a local nutmeg farmer, Soliman who teaches us about the process of growing nutmeg. We go diving in the stunning Banda Sea and learn about the Coral Triangle. Finally, we meet Mita Alwi, the granddaughter of Des Alwi and learn about her school "Warna Warni Kids".

I have spent the last six months working on this 360° film all to tell you a story of dedication, creativity and conservation that inspired me so much! 🙌

It is my biggest work to date, and I have pushed myself creatively, mentally and technically to bring it into the world. It doesnt have legs and arms, but it is my baby 😄 and I would love if you could watch it and leave a like or a comment to say what you think!

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Filmed with Vuze 3D 360.
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