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SounDome performing a song called Frozen Hawaii. 

SounDome is an igloo on an island in the middle of river Vuoksi in Eastern Finland.  It's a seasonal concert hall for musical instruments made from ice. SounDome is a unique experience that takes you to a musical and visual journey inside ice and snow. We have an ice didgeridoo, ice udu, ice marimba and ice guitar all carved from a block of pure Finnish river water and played by local musicians. 

The piece is composed by Rami Hakala who plays ice dobro. 
I think watching the scene will definitely bring me the biggest shock.
Erik Ritchie7 mons ago
The concert is very special. And the crisp music is consistent with the ice. it's perfect.
An instrument made of ice is a strange work of art. It lets me know that hitting music can be so elegant.
Laurine Denesik7 mons ago
frozen Hawaii, that's interesting, this must be an unforgettable experience