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With this video, we take you straight into the Middle of our first rehearsal, when we played the song "Get the Feeling" for the very very first time. Enjoy the 360° Fun and spread it if you liked it. There is more to come. 

Greetings from all Members of the Band:

Tim Hellmers - Keys & Boards / Programmings
Olivia Grassner - Lead Vocals
Cecilia Martines - Lead Vocals
Victor Hugo Barreto - Lead Vocals
Birdy Jessel - Soprano Sax / AltoSax / Tenor Sax
Henner Depenbusch - Alto Sax / Flute
Jean-Philippe Tremblay - Trombone
Thomas James Albrecht - Guitars
Алекс Тефковиђ - Bass
Yogi Jokusch - Percussion
Phillip Kwaku - Drums

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/soularia/

Live recorded @ Velvet Audio Event Location • Hamburg