Soswaewon Garden is a private garden from the Joseon Period where the beauty of traditional Korea is preserved. It was built by Yang San-Bo (1503-1557) after he gave up his success when his mentor Jo Gwang-Jo (1482-1519) was killed during a political strife. Soswaewon Garden presents itself as a clean and transparent garden where the righteous enjoy the life of anbinnakdo (being comfortable amid poverty and taking pleasure in and honest life style) surrounded by a bamboo grove.

Including peach trees, various kinds of trees and grass are planted on both sides of the stream while clear water flows down the foot of the garden walls. The log bridge above the valley adds to the charm of the scenery. The harmony between nature and the artificial waterfall is a sight to behold. Soswaewon Garden is 150m away from the main road. Passing through the thick bamboo forest, you will find the small valley and Soswaewon Garden on your left.
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