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● SkyWay Panoramic video trip to EcoTechnoPark ➤ http://proskyway.ru/skyway-panoramnoe-video-poezdki-v-ekotexnoparke.html
● We offer to your attention a video of 360° format, with which it is possible to make a virtual trip in SkyWay unibus and unibike already now. 
● Panoramic video or VR video is a new format of video content filmed with special 360° cameras with full coverage of the spherical space. A user can watch and control the viewing of this video with a personal computer using the mouse and also via virtual reality glasses with head turns. There is also an option to download the video to your smartphone or tablet and watch it offline.
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Andrey Skyway9 mons ago
All the answers to your questions can be found here ► http://proskyway.ru/
Trace Mosciski9 mons ago
@Gisselle Feeney This should be a car of the future, looking forward to the future way of travel.
Linnie Herzog9 mons ago
Does the cable car exist now?
Gisselle Feeney9 mons ago
What kind of car it is? I never saw it before.