In the spring of 2017, MAMMOTH VR successfully applied for the Google JUMP program. MAMMOTH VR was one of a handful of Virtual Reality content creators and filmmakers around the world that received exclusive access to Google's GoPro Odyssey 360 camera rig, including 16 Hero4 camera modules – to create skratcher VR!

Venturing into a musical piece for the first time, MAMMOTH VR collaborated with Calgary-based spatialized sound specialists Redemption Audio, and the global turntablist organization skratcher, to create a 360 DJ battle-inspired Virtual Reality music video. Located in a moody cross-fit gym, four world class turntablists surround the Odyssey rig and exchange a flurry of electric solos and collaborations for a one of a kind 360 audio experience. Enhancing the musical artistry, MAMMOTH VR layered the 360 video with a series of stunning visual effects and graphics. It all came together to create a powerful and exhilarating Virtual Reality music video inspired by and featuring the unequaled art form of turntablism.
Brandon Kris7 mons ago
I'm so excited to have so many DJS playing for me. Let's dance together happily.
Great, I want to be your most loyal audience! That's great!