http://tosolini.com - Explore Seattle in 360 degrees through the eyes of pro skateboarder Jamiel Nowparvar. Follow Jamiel through iconic Seattle locations as he describes what enjoys about the city. Captured in full 360 degree depth, Tosolini Productions presents an immersive window into the mind of a pro skater.

Gear: Insta360 One, Samsung Gear 360

360 content can be a challenge to present on social media. Tosolini Productions has explored this challenge through immersive visuals, narrative, and audio.

Starting with a loose script, Tosolini Productions travelled into Seattle for a day with Jamiel. The video starts with a greenscreen shot of Jamiel introducing himself- the green floor and walls have been keyed out, and the remaining 360 content was masked away. This resulting isolated Jamiel shot is intended to draw the viewer’s eye, and proved versatile during editing.

To best capture Jamiel’s story, Tosolini Productions used two 360 cameras. The Insta360 One was dedicated to a selfie stick given to Jamiel, allowing viewers to see the world through his perspective. The Gear360 was used for stationary shots, including the opening trick, time lapse at Gas Works, and Mount Rainier shot. Using multiple cameras with dedicated roles encouraged experimentation- if one shot didn’t turn out, the other was still there to use.

Dynamic motion graphics bring the experience together. The video is built to be seen with or without sound. The motion ensures that there is always something to be looking at and something to expect. The shots have also been adjusted to display an ideal framing even if the user never changes the 360 view.

Watch how it all comes together as Jamiel skates Seattle!

Written, directed and produced by Carly Jean Kienow. 
Shot, edited, co-produced, creative direction and original composition by our talented VR designer Michael Gelon.
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