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It’s hard to think about the city-state of Singapore without imagining the iconic Marina Bay Sands resort. When it opened its doors in 2010, it was called the world’s costliest casino property at a price tag of $5.6 billion. While the infinity pool is only open to hotel guests, head to the 57th floor, the ever-popular SkyPark, for a photo op. If you are still jonesing for some fun in the sun, Sentosa Island offers several beach bars, including Tanjong Beach Club, where you can kick back and be lazy. 
LeeLp 278 mons ago
I would like to know that most singaporeans speak English?
Just gonna visit Singapore next week. This video saves my time to reading all those articles
Ronybrgames 38 mons ago
Suddenly find the pool is so popular, almost every resort has this kind of swimming pool.
Your perfect vacation, may I join you?