Artist Life Vision has teamed up with Sky Creature Productions to bring a new sense of immersion to sensory theater. We are combining teams for projects in 2019. 2018 was used as a time for research and development with intentions to create the best immersive, live acting, experience for not only locals who can attend the play but for everyone around the world to feel and see in VR. 
Please let us know what you think of this way of filming! Notice in this film you have a body and arms... 

** Sin Piel (which translates to "the skinless one”) is an immersive sensory experience and story inspired by the anatomical venus, mental illness, and an exploration of psycho-spiritual darkness.

Presented by Sky Creature, Sin Piel creates a journey that draws us into the innermost sacred parts of our spiritual and physical anatomy. We will explore the shadow and light of our internal being, as well as how we choose to engage with our individual pain: can we make the choice to move through trauma in grace with eyes open vs. the submission of living alone in the grotesque…
IG: @skycreatureproductions


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Artist Life Vision VR
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