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Non 360 video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xqIhmVsTVCA
Clock Tower, the highest tower of Sighisoara (64m) it dates from the 14th century. Now it's also the place for The History Museum. Entrance fee is aprox $2.
Clock mechanism (min 1:31), initially made of wood, after the great fire of 1676 was replaced by a metal. The tower was renovated in 1677. Towards the lower side there are figurines representing weekdays, installed on a wheel, moving at 12 pm (min 1:24)
Reese Erdman6 mons ago
I like the houses around there and the wooden buildings inside. They're really great.
Tatum Pollich6 mons ago
These buildings make me feel the years and history. This feeling is wonderful. I admire the wisdom of human ancestors.
Hosea Lueilwitz6 mons ago
I always think the bell tower is a mysterious place. Maybe it is influenced by the fairy tales I saw when I was a child.
Emily Jimenez6 mons ago
Interesting to see cemetery just along the road in Europe
Don Ferry6 mons ago
I love Romania's colorful houses and quiet streets. This is the perfect style I have been pursuing.