As we cycle down the city back streets towards the river we will feel the gradual change to a slow pace of life. In the small humble local community, we will leave the outside world behind and experience the daily life of the friendly local residents.

On the bank of the Chao Phraya River we will relax in the cool breeze and soak in the peaceful ambience of life on the river. Climbing into the long tail boat we will enjoy the exhilarating high-speed trip across the river. As the city skyscrapers disappear into the distance we will see the lush green jungle unfolding before us. 

Arriving at the Phra Pradaeng peninsula, known as the ‘Lungs of Bangkok’, we will cycle along the 
peaceful country roads and narrow pathways that are surrounded by nature. We will visit a small local roadside shop and taste some traditional snacks. After exploring the large beautiful green park, we will relax under the shade of the trees and feed the hungry fish. 

We will head back to the river along the network of raised pathways. Cycling high above the overgrown mangroves we will enjoy the thrill of the adrenaline rush. Back in the long tail boat we will leave the lush greenery behind as we return to the city.
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