Bombina Bombast and Spelens hus did a test shoot at GG festival for Shark Gaming.

GG festival is the second biggest LAN in Denmark, its mostly 10-15 year old that gathers and they have some local youtubers. 

This video was done with nearly no efforts or time, the idea was to show Shark gaming which is a computer brand in Denmark who is just starting to do a branch in Sweden how you can do commercials in 360. 

So with that said, keep in mind its a low budget and a fast produced video.

hope you like it!
(feel free to give more comments if your wondering anything.)
Spelens hus1 yr ago
@Marek Kovář Hey, I understand that it might be low info on this, it was meant to be internal thing for us and Shark gaming where we gave them a clip to see how 360 works. But basicly Shark gaming had a Van with VR inside of it where you could try project cars in vr. and they had a booth outside where you could play games. so there isnt much in the video. Will update the info in video.
Spelens hus1 yr ago
@Ayla Raquel Hey, yea it was a really low low budget thing we did. Basicly we did it for Shark gaming because they just wanted to know how it looked. (no payment was given and we didnt want to put much time on it.) But, with that said! we totally agree with you.
Ayla Raquel1 yr ago
Not out of disrespect. I just thought it would be better to have more commentary.
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