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👉 Watch it in VR Headset 👈
A 4K 3D 360° Video of Global Dance Festival 2018 in Denver Broncos Stadium, ft. Ecotek, Illenium, Goldfish and more. Feel like you are there AGAIN with your favorite VR Headset.
VeeR support on all major platforms! But if you want native experience, here are the links below:
▶️ Here is the instruction on Oculus Go: Go to link:https://www.facebook.com/xiaoyuhughhou/videos/220050421986118/ and click the ●●● on the top right corner, then click SAVE VIDEO. Put on your Oculus Go, go to Facebook 360 App, scroll down Your Videos. The video will appear on your Saved Videos list.
▶️ For Mirage Solo, watch it on YouTube VR App here:https://youtu.be/qLdy_iIY4g4 (on CreatorUp YouTube Channel)
Daniela Tocan2 mons ago
independant of this my hair get destroy to use a headset and i am not the only woman that think so. how many of yours dancers woman allways use headsets to look 360...
Daniela Tocan2 mons ago
no in my case i have a hughe strabismn and see with one eye just 10% incliding a hughe cylinder. in fact i can not see any 3D and can not seperate 3 Dimensions. Fact is on the other side: You remember Avatar... what a Hype... people was crazy to buy 3D TV... and gopro did have with hero 3 a 3D diving solution... noone cry for this and you will see that it reach just some geeks. Now Industries try to place again the market... i think noone without geeks care realy for 3D. You know i go straight my view in direction consumers... thats my trademark... i see europe and here special Germany and Romania. Romania i see a market after Samsung goes with Gear below 100 and below 60. Mi Mijia sphere is end of live because after 6 months heavy use battery is over. In case of repair i will stay with this company. And will go also for follow up model. In case of no service or repair i go for the 2016 Samsung gear and do the Hack to ise ot with xiaomi phone. Gopro Fusion will be for you when yours VLog join Europe ... you know... so you can transport at flight different cams of yours choise... i dod omvest in electrics and batteries arround 2000 $ just to run. The necessary Computer hardware. allone the pure sine inverter cost 1000 €. And i did decide not to use teslas on the boat. I do not wish Experience like this just to run the gopro fusion and the hardware it needs. https://youtu.be/hL1jaLp_9kc
Hugh Hou2 mons ago
@Daniela Tocan I think it is more a headset - if you have Oculus Go - any platform should look better!
Daniela Tocan3 mons ago
saw this video in youtube... i am in error but is quality there better? My problem with3 D is My eyes can not seperate also with glases 3D so it looks allmost more worse than convential view.