👉 Watch it in VR Headset 👈
A 4K 3D 360° Video of Global Dance Festival 2018 in Denver Broncos Stadium, ft. Ecotek, Illenium, Goldfish and more. Feel like you are there AGAIN with your favorite VR Headset.
VeeR support on all major platforms! But if you want native experience, here are the links below:
▶️ Here is the instruction on Oculus Go: Go to link:https://www.facebook.com/xiaoyuhughhou/videos/220050421986118/ and click the ●●● on the top right corner, then click SAVE VIDEO. Put on your Oculus Go, go to Facebook 360 App, scroll down Your Videos. The video will appear on your Saved Videos list.
▶️ For Mirage Solo, watch it on YouTube VR App here:https://youtu.be/qLdy_iIY4g4 (on CreatorUp YouTube Channel)
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