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Seven Nation Army ♾ ° 360 reedition.

Is a 360° Fan re-edition version to homenage Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes. This "in many ways" classic videoclip that blow my mind 15+ years ago (yes is already 15 yo).

I really'd love to know if Jack & Meg White will.try it  in 360°.

Now,  enjoy it in a 360 environment and  get immersive and blow your mind today.

Also you want to see the 360 captured video , here is the link:


Seven Nation Army ♾ ° 360° rendition.

Esta es una reedición 360° de Fan para hacer homenage al videoclip Seven Nation Army de The White Stripes. Este "en muchos casos" Vídeoclip clásico que me sorprendió hace 15 años. (Si ya tiene 15 años).

Me gustaría saber si Jack y Meg White lo verían en 360°.

Aquí el Link para disfrutarlo en 360° capturado:
Little Maggie10 mons ago
One reason I really like this site is that every time I wandering here I would run into good music like this !
Elizabeth Marie10 mons ago
I admire all the girls who play the drums, it's totally cool.
Cameras10 mons ago
I like your playing style very much. you have my own style in the crazy performance.
elijah ennis10 mons ago
Red, black, gray, white, these colors are all jumbled together like crazy horror movies.