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Award Winner i klassen Bästa utländska dokumentär kortfilm  Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards (LAIFFA)


Dela gärna filmen !
SEPSIS (blodförgiftning) #360 video dokumentärfilm  Dela gärna filmen, den kan kanske rädda någons liv.
Christina drabbades av sepsis (blodförgiftning) 2014, lyssna på hennes historia.
Christina har flera plastikoperationer framför sig framförallt i ansiktet. Implantaten som hon ska operera in i armar och ben kommer att ta tid. Varje operation där har en rehabiliteringstid på cirka ett år. Christina har minst mellan tre och fem års rehabilitering framför sig.
Christinas blogg

Detta är första 360 graders video dokumentärfilmen gjord i Sverige, av Michael Wall
Titta med Youtube appen eller Google Chrome helst med VR glasögon för att få upplevelsen av att närvara i samma rum som Christina som drabbats av sepsis.

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2016 by Michael Wall
SEPSIS THE SILENT KILLER  Swedish film  This version with English voice over
Photo by Michael Wall

Sepsis is not a disease in its own right - it's a life-threatening over-reaction by the immune system to what usually starts out as a minor bacterial, fungal or even viral infection in or on the body.
About 50 per cent of cases are thought to be caused by respiratory infections, and another 20 per cent each by urinary infections and stomach bugs. A minority start with something as seemingly trivial as a cut, bite or sting.
The immune system's response to any infection is to send white blood cells to the scene to attack the invading germs.
But for reasons not well understood, in some cases the immune system goes haywire, attacking the patient's own body as well as the invading bugs. Under this assault, blood pressure can drop to a dangerously low level and vital organs such as the heart, liver and lungs, deprived of oxygen, begin to fail. This is known as septic shock.
The very young, very old and those whose immune systems are already compromised are most at risk, but sepsis can also affect healthy people in the prime of life.
Without treatment, death can follow shockingly quickly - sometimes within a few hours.
If a child or adult who has had any infection - even a mild cold - develops one or more of the following symptoms, call 999 immediately and say you think they have sepsis.
1 Abnormally cold to touch 
2 Breathing rapidly/struggling for breath 
3 Very lethargic/difficult to rouse
4 No urine (or wet nappy) for more than 12 hours
5 Skin mottled, bluish or extremely pale
REMEMBER: Sepsis can begin under the cover of any infection, such as flu, a tummy bug, a chest infection or even a sore throat. If sepsis is suspected by doctors, treatment with antibiotics must begin as soon as possible - ideally within one hour of diagnosis – even before blood tests are given.