Get inside the head of an extreme athlete

Empathic tech company Sensum brings you a new kind of VR experience at the site of the world-renowned Red Bull Fox Hunt race, which connects you with the real-time emotions of a downhill mountain-bike ride. An experimental project pushing the boundaries of mobile tech, emotions science and media production.

Part 4: Bonus Run – on the very last ride of the shoot, something was bound to go wrong...

Features include:
– See what the rider feels: Sensum’s Emotion AI tools were used to measure the rider’s emotions in real time, for a second-by-second visualisation of what if feels like to be an extreme sports hero.

– For the first time, experience the view of an expert mountain-biker, captured using custom-built spherical lenses by a specialist production team from Red Bull Media House.

– Choose your rider, trail or experience: Interactive features allow you to select your own VR story, exploring the mountainside as if you were on the rider team.

– Bonus experiences: ‘feel’ closer to the action with dynamic audio that adapts to the rider’s biometrics and performance. Follow the riders through the dark in the ‘Night Run’. And in the ‘Bonus Run’, find out what happened when one of our riders pushed it just a little too far…

More at: https://sensum.co/releases/the-hero-feeling

Get the VR experience on the Gear Store here: https://www.oculus.com/experiences/gear-vr/1544424048945628/
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