This test I moved the IPD closer together and I feel that it is now at a good distance as the stereo effect looks better than the first test. It is unfortunate that the quality is not higher. If I want better quality I will need to invest in either the Z Cam E1 or the Kodak 360 4K.

Shot with two Samsung Gear 360 (2017) cameras.
David.Bynum1 yr ago
Hi there, thanks for uploading this video. I am working on experiments using VR180 video mixed with stereo POV chromakey effects for full body presence within 3D video. I've been vetting the tech with various example VR 180 video ( unfortunately I don't have my own camera yet) and have been scouring the net for a 3D video that is shot from a seated-at-table view. Would you be willing to collaborate by sharing this source video for an experiement? Thanks!