Amanda Morales-Guerra and her three US born children have been living in this NYC church since August 17, 2017...over six months now. When Amanda fled Guatemala in 2004, she would have qualified for asylum but did not know to apply for it until after the one year deadline had passed. Amanda and her family are hopeful but have been denied even a chance to explain their situation over and over again. How many more families are suffering like theirs throughout this country? Why do we deliberately make it difficult for people like Amanda, who just wants to be given a chance to live here with her family...legally?

Hear their story, and see what their life is like in Sanctuary in this 360º (VR) video story.
@MoDaFo360º I am sorry I don't ,but still I support you from deep hurt.
Horror Horse1 yr ago
A strong mother, you must believe, there is always sunshine in the world.
I think their video should be seen by more people.
MoDaFo360º1 yr ago
@Angel Alexander if you live in the USA, you can look up the New Sanctuary Movement and see if they're active in your area. You can also help by voting for politicians who would rather help immigrants get on the path to citizenship instead of kicking them out.
I really sympathize with their lives, but I don't know what I can do.