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This is my first 360 video. On December 1st 2017, I went on a date, and we went to view some early Christmas nights. So I stuck my Samsung Gear360 on my car and hit record. I'm happy to say that the date went very well, and our relationship is growing stronger each day, both together, but more importantly closer to Christ.

Street are listed below if you are in the Santa Clarita area and want to check out the lights before they come down:
Canterwood Drive - Saugus area
Silverking Trail - Saugus area
Wakefield Court - Saugus area - officially retired from competitions.
Homestead Place - Saugus Area - named Homestead Holiday.

Music: Bowes Music Productions

In order:
Frank Sinatra & Cindy Lauper - Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (RL BoWes Remix)
Dean Martin - Walking In A Winter Wonderland (RL BoWes Remix)

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