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View the travel guide of the top 14 must see places in salzburg in 360°.
The beautiful austrian city near the german border is full of breathtaking sceneries.
Feel a taste from the city from your home and visit salzburg.
Watch in high 5K quality.

0:06 Mirabell palace 
0:38 St. Ändra church
0:55 Markatsteg
1:12 Horse pond
1:26 Collegiate church
1:39 Getreidegasse
1:49 Mozart's birthplace
2:03 Mozart monument
2:19 Salzburg cathedral
2:40 Sphaera
2:55 Hohensalzburg Fortress
3:17 Linzer Gasse
3:33 Holy trinity church
3:50 Gaisberg


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