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Hang down in the Salt Mine in Wieliczka Poland, an amazing experience!
Every year more than 1 million people take the 400 steps into the deep mine. However, you do not take all the stairs at once, but you only start with 380! Then a wonderful walk follows the ground. You can not imagine that this is under the house you enter. The walk is endless and as you walk, the wizard tells about the working conditions down the mine. Already in the 13th century, it began to break salt here, which was a very important mineral as it used to be preserved foods and used in tanning skin.
Lazaro Leffler8 mons ago
The only pity is that I can't understand your language.
Santa Krajcik8 mons ago
Modern architecture is not as good as it used to be.
The old buildings are full of stories and mysteries. 😛