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Lenny is our answering machine, a computer programme designed to waste the time of unwanted callers by tricking them into having a conversation with a forgetful old man.

The programme, named 'Lenny', works by using a five-minute loop of one-size-fits-all sentences, spoken in the soft Australian accent of a kind but fairly scatterbrained elderly man.

My Idea to push such a recording to Veer was that  i did talk with a VeeR Creator from france. 

Yes its @Carabee Drone https://veer.tv/vr/carabeedrone/home

I like this Week to act a bit as hers mentor and send her the Soundfile of the Lenny record yesterday. So stay tuned a bit. to make a french Verson of Lenny like a little bit stupid Woman talking with a man on the phone. So stay tune and follow her and support her with likes to get your free to use answering machine.

Maybee we open a french phonenumber you can call her. And test a maybe coming up female lenny. Also i think we open her a canadian phnenumber to provide her free calls in any network of the world.

As far as i see she told me to meet in may in real live.

Lenny's short prerecorded speech takes in a number of topics, from what his grown-up children are currently doing, the state of the world economy, and the problems he has with the ducks in his back garden.

The 'Lenny' programme is fairly simple, and is designed to pause when it detects that the unwanted caller has begun speaking. Once they stop, the programme starts running again, creating the illusion of a normal, flowing conversation.

The programme is free to use, and anyone who uses internet calling can put Lenny to work for them.

We use use this program inside our answering machine. It all runs with a raspberry pi that also will be implement in my boat for free calls worldwide. In the background work thousands of opensource programmers. The maintainer is Ward Mundy a realy Nerd. The developer community is very straight open source under GPL license and there is no fear to kick out big companies that break the GPL like last year when a 10 Million $ company break the rules and is now near useless. In 2 months of time just the code was rewritten. My husband is since long years in developers discussions involved and also give back some input that ward did allow us to translate some resources for setup and use. I run a own blog for this.
Daniela Tocan9 mons ago
@Kwekwe Karu why not ask yours wife to be a audio creator for the female audiofiles in english?
Kwekwe Karu9 mons ago
Daniela Tocan9 mons ago
@Kwekwe Karu you should investigate this video from beginning to the end. Read description please. I did not have the time to put the soundclips together.