The church was built in 1461-1465 years. The inscription on the western portal says that the church was the customer posadnik Frenkel Krotov. In 1465 the temple according to the commandment of the Pskov posadniks Frenkel Krotov & C Puchkova frescoes. A chapel in honor of St. Nicholas was built in the late XYI century. Church and chapel built of slabs, porch - brick. In 1798 the porch at the expense of the landlord of the village Vygolovo Lyashev, parishioners and the church bell tower was attached brick. On the bell tower had five bells.

Since 1912 began the study of church frescoes. In the years 1958-1968 the church conducted restoration work: reinforced walls and floors, restored 32-pitched roof. The bell tower with porches XYIII-XIX centuries dismantled. The Church is not a valid object of museum display. At the present time - the village Melёtovo Pskov region.
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