Rosenmontag is the highlight of the German Karneval and it is somewhat comparable to Mardi Gras, though it's not nearly as wild.  

The Karneval season begins at 11 minutes past the eleventh hour on the 11th of November. It has historically been prevalent in Roman Catholic areas and is a continuation of the old Roman traditions of slaves and servants being master for a day.  In the video you will see many references to Till Eulenspiegel, a prankster and trickster who had a jester's license. Based on his character, the peak of Karneval is often described as the time of jester's privilege. City governments typically hand over the keys to the city in an symbolic act.

Celebrations usually include dressing up in fancy costumes, dancing, parades, heavy drinking and general public displays with floats, making fun of current events. 
As I filmed three different parades this year, you will experience various flavours of street Karneval. This video shows the the street Karneval in Mainz, Rhineland-Palatinate with a mixture of  guardsmen, dancers, trucks, musicians, marching trumpeters, princes, etc.

During the parade, sweets are thrown into the crowds lining the streets among cries of Helau. There are several theories on the meaning of the term Helau. Some insist it derives from the word "Hello", others indicate it comes from the word "Halleluja". While the resemblance between Helau and hello is remarkable, the derivation from the term halleluja is backed by the mytholigical idea that on carneval evil ghosts have been expulsed from hell. Either way, I hope you enjoy the parade. Two more videos from the Karneval in Gießen and Friedberg will follow and maybe I'll make a compilation of  the most interesting scenes and provide a voice over with explanations later on.

The video was taken #upintheair with an extension stick 7m above the ground, as drones are prohibited at gatherings.
Anushka Bist1 yr ago
Such a nice carnival !!!! Wanna join it.
hi I give you a like and I am sorry... Did put it in my compilation list of the carnival in Cologne. My content is free to download load and CC By SA so if you like to include some just honor the name. I push extra snippets of a view seconds to VeeR that everyone can make its own clip. in case you need more material I have done arround 128 GB yesterday. also what I did push here is just for playing with some apps. did not look I my results because of time I did not have. and I have to sort out if it's guaranteed that nowhere is privacy insults somewhere.