In Shinjuku ward of the Tokyo prefecture in Japan, there is a place called Robot Restaurant, which is more of a show than a restaurant. Think of it as a Robots vs. Humans Medieval Times Show. There is also a very fancy Robot Bar complete with heavy Japanese accent lounge singer. It's a great experience and I was able to capture the full show with my Go Pro Fusion in full 360 4k video.

Also available on YouTube: https://youtu.be/uL3wfY_1i5U

Jump to the most noteworthy parts!:
Show is about to start, welcome and guidelines: 2:00
Time to get drumming, civilization starts: 6:00
Intermission, let's pick a winner: 18:20
The wars between Robots and Humans begins!: 20:00
Giant panda attack: 25:58
Float battle: 27:40
Intermission again: 36:34
Peace between Robots and Humans again!: 37:18
Intermission, time for wands!: 44:40
Party time celebration: 47:30
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