Join us on a 360º video tour along the most dangerous road in Venezuela, through the "Henry Pittier National Park" on the way to the famous tourist town of "Choroní", Aragua State. Characterized by its rugged topography, we can feel the adrenaline of the drivers of the route of this road of abundant curves, extreme slopes and landslides. We will enjoy the landscape of 3 wooded areas: sub-tropical, tropical and rainforest, which sustain a rich biodiversity of flora and fauna. With the help of an altimeter we were able to know the height above sea level of the most important points of the return journey. There are 20 short clips of 360º video of the most spectacular of the route, to be visualized with Smartphones or Virtual Reality headset.

WARNING: The VR 360º videos that you will see below are amateur and have been published for testing purposes, but they were precisely used to confirm the 4k resolution output of the Samsung Gear360 camera, software stabilization, as well as some details about the Stereo audio. I highly recommend to see them "before lunch", or in any case "take some tablets against the dizziness before", as I commented is the most dangerous road in Venezuela for (among other things) slopes, abysses, amount of curves and becomes a "rather hectic experience".

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