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Went for a nice road ride on April 20, recorded this section of the ride (from the bottom of Dunn hill to Snowkraft). Stood up for most of the time going up Dunn Hill. It was nice to ride down the Walker Rd. hill to get to the destination (Snowkraft)! There was still quite a bit of snow on the ground from the past April snowstorm. 

Music: Wasted by Ramin

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Thanks for watching!
Agustina Kuhic7 mons ago
riding a bike is actually very very easy, don't be afraid, just ride!!
Mae Schuppe7 mons ago
I really envy those who can ride their bikes to play, because I can't ride a bike.
Garnet Hagenes7 mons ago
You really have stamina. It's impossible for me to ride for so long.
Pladvoed7 mons ago
Your shadow seems funny, but the real you looks cool
Amir Hauck7 mons ago
I just thought that I havent ridden a bike for a long time.