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I worked in Eureka and some great nights buzzing through town on my motorcycle. This town is always going to be one of my favorites in Utah, Enjoy the ride...
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About Eureka Utah:
Eureka was originally known as Ruby Hollow before it developed into a bustling mining town. Incorporated as a city in 1892, Eureka became the financial center for the Tintic Mining District, a wealthy gold and silver mining area in Utah and Juab counties. The district was organized in 1869 and by 1899 became one of the top mineral producing areas in Utah. The Eureka Micropolitan Statistical Area housed the "Big Four" mines—Bullion Beck and Champion, Centennial Eureka, Eureka Hill, and Gemini-and later the Chief Consolidated Mining Company.
Amir Hauck1 yr ago
its so lovely that you are willing to share your precious memory with us❤❤❤❤