Richard Barbieri’s ‘Solar Sea’ scores a new 360° video that explores multiple worlds in space. 
Taken from the new album Planets + Persona - http://found.ee/RB_PLANETS_PERSONA

Watch the VR video as it takes you on a journey through colliding planets, ice crystals inside a hollow comet, volcanic asteroids spewing molten lava into open space and a breathtaking finale.

Having seen the video for the first time with a VR headset Richard enthused: “THAT WAS INCREDIBLE! Amazing that Miles (Skarin) has captured the movement and turbulence of planets, particles and matter that I was trying to reference in the music. It’s a totally immersive experience and, along with the artwork, another important addition to the album experience”

Video by: Miles Skarin from Crystal Spotlight

Lisen Rylander Love: Voices, Saxophone
Luca Calabrese: Trumpet
Kjell Severinsson: Drums
Klas Assarsson: Vibraphone
Richard Barbieri: Synthesisers, Fender Rhodes, Sampler, Electronic Percussion Programming

Released on the 40th anniversary of the Japan's first recording, the new studio album from the ex-Japan and Porcupine Tree keyboards maestro, 'Planets + Persona' is Richard Barbieri's most sonically expansive work to date with an array of guest performers.
OUT NOW, order here: http://found.ee/RB_PLANETS_PERSONA
Jimmy Chang2 yrs ago
better if there's more variation