5 minutes of sea.
no words, no music. just you, the sand, the sea and the sound of waves. need relax ? just put your cardboard on and play the video ;)

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@Judd Schuppe glad to help you in some way. this is why i'm here 😁👍
Judd Schuppe2 yrs ago
It is nice to listen to the sound of the sea, it can help me fall asleep
@Mollie Zemlak this video is for those who haven't the beach near the home. like to get prone on the bed, make some bulbs to "heat" you, put the cardboard and headphones on and play this video ahahaaha
Mollie Zemlak2 yrs ago
I can lay on the beach all the day
@DreamTravel of course it should be good organized. i mean they should do a separate section for the photos and i told them that it should support high quality photos or it will be the same of facebook
DreamTravel2 yrs ago
@Alchimista ha thanks!! Just quick thoughts here - if VeeR can support high quality 360 photo sharing, will you use it (so you can post 360 photos and videos all in one place)? I wonder if you might feel confusion because photos and videos are quite different medium (in terms of viewing)
thank you ! yes, i take a lot of photos and share them in instagram as no-360 (tiny planet or wideangle). i talked with VeeR team and they are considering the idea to make us upload even photos. maybe in the future. anyway i'm considering to join maybe flickr to upload 360 cause facebook reduce a lot the quality
DreamTravel2 yrs ago
Awesome video! I wonder do you take 360 photos often as well? And where do you share them?