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You can never get enough of Bali and it's true. There is always something new to discover and adore in Bali. While so many people have shared a part of their footprint on this real paradise, the natural serenity of Bali is still a hidden charm. If you are a fan of Bali, this first 360 ever video of Bali would reveal magnificent scenes and pure vibes in Bali you may have ever hear of. If you have always loved to step on this land, this is a wonderful tour to get straight into wonders of nature in this spiritual lands.
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Josiane Glover9 mons ago
It's a strange place, the yellow land, it's always a little weird.
I like to explore this mysterious and interesting place, very excited.
Shaun Jerde DDS9 mons ago
It's a beautiful waterfall. I'd love to see the lake on the mountain. It must be very big.
Isaias Rau9 mons ago
Why is there a lot of people on the left side of the pool and no one on the right?