Beautiful way at the foot of the hill of Urca, which leads to the trailhead toward the first season of the Sugar Loaf 10877.
The track is a much used by walkers or runners of Rio de Janeiro athletes who want to do a short workout. The stunning look of the Vermelha Beach 10028 and Sugar Loaf 10877 serves to invigorate the spirits. The place is also known for Costão Road or Path of the Bem-Te-Vi.
It is named after a former coach of the Brazilian soccer team, which finished third in the 1978 World Cup in Argentina. Coutinho also followed a military career, reached the rank of Captain of Artillery and his taste for the sport led him to graduate from the School of Physical Education of the Army. In the United States Congress met Kenneth H. Cooper became the introducer of this method of conditioning in Brazil.
Track - The Claudio Coutinho has 2,500 meters long, round trip, with distance markings every 50 feet on flat ground and asphalt, with the Morro da Urca beach on one side and red on the other. Some markings are off.
Shooting - The stretch that includes the ramp between the plate with the name of the track to the first mark away is an option to make shots on the hill 100 meters (round trip). This is part of a parallelepiped.
Parking: Yes, but is paid with a card rotation system.
No water fountains, but there are always vendors selling water;
Cyclists are not allowed.
Space for children: Yes, Vermelha Beach 10028, site access road;
No Dressing; there are no equipment for the assistance of exercising, but you can use the bars of the track to stretch and warm up;
Possibility to train wheelchair users: Yes.
Security: Yes, the location is a military area.
At the end of the passage-way is a pillar with a plaque that indicates the beginning of a trail that should only be done under the guidance of an experienced guide, because there is risk of death.
There are several tracks on the site giving access to climbing routes and the Sugar Loaf 10877 for those who do not want to pay for the cable car to reach the summit.
The site has bins throughout the course.
Address Vermelha Beach 10028, near the Sugar Loaf 10877 cable car at Urca
Contact phone +55 (21) 2271-7000 (Riotur);
Hours: Daily 6:00 am to 6:00 pm
Free entry.
Kat Hazel1 yr ago
Great! And the lake
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There must be a lot of wild animals here
Every country has the customs of every country
It's fun to climb mountains, too
This is suitable for spring outing
See the Brazil flag
A high coconut tree
What's the high sculpture in front of you