The main body of Norakdang, with 10 sections on the front, has 3 sections of the sides connected with Namhaenggak by an extension of 1 section of Dongkan and 2 sections of Seokan to the south. The 3 sections at the east of the building and 2 sections at the north protrude to form a “一” shaped building. Room arrangements consists of the center, where there is a three-section main floor, two sections of dondol doritong in the east and the west, and one kitchen area. These are all arranged symmetrically. Ondongbang and the main flooring space have toekan and wooden flooring in the front. Three sections of the main flooring space, 1 ondonlbang at the west and 2 ondolbang at the east all have traditional Korean fittings. The back side of the main flooring and the East ondolbang both have taekan and wooden flooring. This building composition is the same as the floor plan of the royal palaces. The backside of the building has toemaru (small wooden floor) except the east protruding side. The 3 sections of the west and the main flooring space have an exposed passage. The remaining space of the east has traditional Korean fittings. A hand rail is installed in the passage. The tip space of the east is made of toekan of half side of a kan. This passage leads to Norakdang, Nahyanggak and Noandang in the South and to Bukhyanggak of Narakdang in the North.  
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