Noandang is a T-shaped building that consists of six sections on the front, three sections on the 
east side, one section of yangkan in the front, four sections of dorikan, and yeonghwaru (side floor) connecting ondolbang (floor heating room), which consisted of three Yangkan sections and three Dorikan sections in the rear and rear flooring. The body of the house consists of the four sections of the main floored hall and two sections of ondolbang in the west. The extreme west section is toekan while the front and back also have toekan. The foundation consists of the main flooring space. The front and the rear of the master bedroom is made of Jangdaeseok Saebaoldae and Yeonghwaru (side floor), Jangdaeseok Dubeoldae. The foundation stone is square in shape while the upper part is slightly narrower than the lower part. For the foundation of the side floor area, a pillar type foundation stone is raised on the lower floor of numaru.
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