From the left, the buildings here are Nakseonjae, Seokbokheon and Sugangjae. Originally, the Donggung, which is the quarters of the crown prince, was on this site. Nakseonjae was built as the king’s quarters in the reign of King Heonjong, in 1847. It was a very personal space built so that King Heonjong could relax and read. Though it was part of the palace, King Heonjong refrained from using colorful paint decorations, Dancheong. Meanwhile, Nakseonjae was used until the most recent days. Bangja Lee, who was the wife of the last crown prince lived here until 1989. Seokbokheon was constructed in 1848. It was built for the Royal Lady Gyeongbin who was chosen in order to give King Heonjong’s desired heir. Sugangjae was first built in 1785, later renovated in 1848 and turned into the quarters of Queen Sunwon, the grandmother of King Heonjong. Nakseonjae was originally enclosed by lines of buildings and courtyard walls, but they were removed during the Japanese occupation. In 1996 this area was restored to its original style. And it was designated as a Treasure No. 1764 in 2012. 
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