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This compound was where the crown prince lived with the crown princess, while he was in training for the throne. The Crown Prince's Compound consisted of two main buildings Jaseondang and Bihyeongak along with a lecture hall for the prince(Chunbang) and the building for security(Gyebang). The Crown Prince's Compound was not built when gyeongbokgung Palace was first constructed but was added in 1427 during King Sejong's reign. While King Munjong(r. 1450-1452) was crown prince, his son, who became King Danjong(r. 1452-1455), was born in Jaseondang. After gyeongbokgung Palace was rebuilt in the late 19th century, King Sunjong(r. 1907-1910) lived there. 
 The current buildings were rebuilt in 1999 ; only Jaseondang and Bihyeongak have been restored. To the north of the compound was the royal kitchen.