Irodang is a Chinese character meaning a nine-shaped building. Its original plan was for 7 sections in the front part and 7 sections of the side parts. The additional section on the west gives this building 8 sections in the front. As for the room floor plan, Nacheukchae has ondolbang in the west, three sections of the central wooden floor, another ondolbang in the east, and toekan used as a passage in the end of the east. The bokdogak in the south leads to Norakdang through Bukhyeonggak. The front of the main wooden floor and ondolbang in the east has a toekan that has sabunhap door and pyeongjuyeol. Dongcheukchae has ondolbang in the east and another ondolbang leading to toekan, a banchim (lower furnace), and another ondolbang in the north and toekan. Except for 2 sections in the north, every room has a small wooden floor outside. There is one section of bathrooms in the third section of bukdan in the north. 

As the frontal doritong of jukan, the first section of the west is 3,073mm, which is the largest and the seventh space, the last space of the east is 1,545mm, the smallest. The in-between space is 5 sections, with a size of 2,457mm - 2,468mm. As for the jukan of the seocheukmyeon, the first space of the front is 2,785mm. The remaining 6 sections are between 2,430mm to 2,465mm. Ryangtong of namcheukchae and dongcheukchae is 2 sections and that of seocheukchae and bukcheukchae, one section. The frontal toekan of yangdong of namcheukchae is 1,545mm and the back space, 3,673mm.
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