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 If Injeongjeon was the symbolic main hall, then Huijeongdang was used as the actual main hall of 
Changdeokgung, where the king spent most of his time. The king’s office, Seonjeongjeon, was not large enough for conducting routine state affairs. As a result, Huijeongdang, which originally was the king’s bed chamber, came to serve as his workplace. Huijeongdang was destroyed by fire in 1917, and the existing building was rebuilt with materials taken from Gangnyeongjeon, the king’s residence at Gyeongbokgung. The original Huijeongdang depicted on the Map of the East Palace was an elegant building with a raised floor set on stone columns, and a pond in the courtyard. The reconstructed Huijeongdang is entirely different from the original. The interior is outfitted with western features such as wooden f loorboards and carpets, glass windows, and chandeliers. Huijeongdang is designated as a Treasure No. 815. 
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