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 While many government offices were located outside the palace walls, some offices were built on the palace grounds and were collectively known as Gwolnaegaksa. In an area west of Injeongjeon, Naeuiwon (Royal infirmary), Hongmungwan (Office of Special Advisers), and Geomseocheong (Publication Office) were located to the east of Geumcheon Stream, and Gyujanggak (Royal Library) and Bongmodang (Hall of Upholding the Policies of Former Kings) were to the west. Because so many of the king’s support offices were concentrated in such a small area, Gwolnaegaksa had a labyrinthine feel. During the Japanese occupation, Gyujanggak was vastly simplified and its collection moved to the library of today’s Seoul National University. All the buildings in this area were eventually destroyed during the Japanese occupation, and their sites paved over by roads. The existing buildings were restored between 2000 to 2004 .
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