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Consumed by Virtual Reality addiction, a woman clings to the digitally reconstructed memory of her dead husband. As the lines of reality blur, she begins to question which world is real.

The film is shot partially in 3D 180 degree view and partially in 2D. The format dynamically switches from 2D to 3D when the main character puts on her virtual reality goggles. Allowing the viewer to see the virtual world through her eyes and creating a one of a kind cinematic experience.
Awwww I hope it's real too.... I gotta buy a VR boyfriend looks like James McAVOY
Komisarz Alex2 mons ago
Oh, my God. I hope this would not be happened in reality
Goldie Miller3 mons ago
I have seen this so many times without tired. We are finding a true love for our whole lives. But it is easy to lose it. I am negative now!
Andri Wahyudi3 mons ago
My real life and my dream, there are some people only exiting in dreams. So we should focus on real life to find a better self.
john doe3 mons ago
Nice movie like inception,must be done by pros.I recommend veer editor.https://veer.tv/veer-editor
Domenico Denesik10 mons ago
Are you a movie company or studio? The movie looks like you've been quite experienced making movies.
Alondra Olivas10 mons ago
Looking forward to more storytelling videos in 360 from you guys
Katlynn Wisozk10 mons ago
Will be better in 360 I think
Tugcechantel t10 mons ago
Well done dudes! You are really making history
Damaris Keeling10 mons ago
Such a mature piece. I believe it's how movies in future like