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Ever since I posted my first rapeseed photo on flickr and then again on Instagram a few years ago, I noticed that I don’t personally get it, but people love rapeseed photos. On flickr, the photo received a lot of comments, the Instagram photo has almost 6000 likes. Further on, I know from VeeR that people love to just fly with a bit of relaxing music and without thrills. 
So here comes my attempt at giving you a pleasant start into the new week. May is ahead of us and rapeseed is in bloom in Germany, so please sit back, enjoy the classical music and fly away…

Music: Mendelssohn Piano Concerto No 2-2nd movement by MusicBox Classics
Unique Rempel7 mons ago
I could hardly bear to tread on such a land, and I would not destroy all the beauty.
Cary Gleichner7 mons ago
So wonderful,It's perfect to match the music